Internal rules for club members

Club member joining a club declares that he agrees to the Internal Rules of the club and is obliged to observe them.

We ask our guests to respect the animals in the following ways:

  • Please, behave yourselves and be fair to the others guests and club members, as well as to the animals.
  • For behaviour of children under the age of 12 are responsible their parents or their adult accompanist.
  • There is an age limit of 12 years and over only, without an accompanist of adult person, due to licencing and insurance requirements.
  • Club member joins a club voluntarily, at his own liability noting that it is a club with free movement of cats.
  • Entering the premises with free movement of cats club member need to be aware that he could feel the results related to this circumstances. Club member should re-valuate his visit in our club in case that he has an allergy to cats or he suffers from another significant illness or in the case of woman expecting a baby, etc.
  • We kindly ask visitors of our club to re-valuate their  visit also in case of an acute viral deseases, cold or in case of similar health troubles.
  • During the visit in our club follow please elementary hygiene regulations and wash your hands regularly.
  • Entrance with a dog or with any other animal is strictly prohibited.
  • Club member receives all beverages or snacks by serving covered thereafter,after their uncovering, club member assume full responsibility for his own refreshment
  • It is strictly prohibited to feed on cats in our club in no matter (with your own feed or with a feed purchased from us) because:
    • Cats are feeding on regularly with a full-valued feed several times daily
    • Any additionally feeding can be for them harmful, can hurt them and caused them serious stomach problems.
  • Please do not touch and wake the cats when they are asleep.
  • Treat cats kindly and respectful. Do not shout at them, do not frighten them, do not press them overly  and do not hurt them physically and mentally.
  • Turn off the flash when taking photos. Taking photos using flash shot is in our club strictly prohibed.
  • Our club is not responsible for injuries caused by cats and it is not possible to claim for injury.
  • In the case of an annoying behaviour and breaking the rules our operational crew is justified to order the guest out of the club.



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